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Investment Loans Sydney

Seize the Opportunity: Unmatched Investment Loan Brokering

Exploring investment opportunities in the Australian property market? Our expert loan brokers specialise in guiding investors through the complex loan options, ensuring a seamless path to your next profitable investment.

Investment Loans Dominate Australia's Property Market

Understanding Investment Loans

Investment loans are designed for individuals or businesses looking to invest in property, shares, or other assets to build wealth. Unlike standard home loans, investment loans cater to the unique needs of investors, offering flexible terms and features that align with long-term financial goals.

What is an Investment Loan?

Investment loans enable you to purchase investment properties, generating rental income and potentially appreciating in value over time. These loans allow you to leverage your current financial position to expand your portfolio and achieve greater financial security.

How Investment Loans Differ from Home Loans

Investment loans differ from home loans in several key ways. While home loans are used for purchasing a primary residence, investment loans are intended for properties that will generate income or appreciate in value. These loans often come with stricter lending criteria, higher interest rates, and different tax implications.Read More

The Benefits of Property Investing

Secure Reliable Income to Build Wealth

Property investing offers a steady, reliable income through rental properties. This income can cover mortgage payments and other property-related expenses, contributing significantly to your overall wealth.

Augment Returns with Rental Income

Rental properties can provide a higher yield compared to other investments. Effective management can maximise returns, making your investment more profitable.

Achieve Tax Efficiency with Negative Gearing

Negative gearing allows you to offset property costs against your income, reducing your overall tax liability. This makes property investment a tax-efficient strategy.

Finding the Right Investment Loan

How Mortgage Brokers Assist in Finding the Best Loan

Mortgage brokers simplify the process of finding the best investment loan. They understand your financial situation, perform market research, and present tailored loan options, saving you time and effort.

Comparing Loan Options and Interest Rates

Mortgage brokers compare various loan products, evaluating interest rates, fees, and terms. This ensures you get a loan that offers the best value for your investment strategy.

Understanding Loan Terms and Repayments

Investment loans come with different repayment options. Mortgage brokers explain these terms, helping you choose a repayment plan that aligns with your financial goals.

Releasing Equity in Your Home

What is Equity and How Can You Use It?

Equity is the difference between your property’s market value and the amount you owe on your mortgage. You can leverage this equity to fund new investments.

Refinancing to Release Equity

Refinancing involves replacing your existing mortgage with a new one, often with better terms. This process unlocks your home equity, providing funds for new investments.

The Role of a Financial Advisor in Equity Release

A financial advisor helps you assess whether releasing equity is the right strategy. They provide insights into the potential risks and benefits, ensuring your decision supports your overall financial plan.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Customised Loan Options for Your Investment Strategy

Customised loan options align your investment loan with your specific strategy, considering your income, assets, risk tolerance, and long-term objectives.

Working with Financial Advisors and Accountants

Financial advisors and accountants provide guidance on tax implications, cash flow management, and investment strategies. Collaborating with these professionals ensures sound financial decisions.

Access to Exclusive Deals

Leveraging Broker Relationships with Lenders

Mortgage brokers’ relationships with lenders allow access to exclusive deals and loan products, offering preferential terms and lower interest rates.

Unlocking Competitive Interest Rates and Loan Terms

Mortgage brokers identify loan products with the best value, considering interest rates, fees, and repayment terms, ensuring you secure a loan that maximises returns.

Streamlined Loan Application Process

Simplifying the Loan Application with a Broker

Mortgage brokers guide you through the loan application process, handling administrative work and ensuring all documents are submitted correctly.

Navigating the Paperwork and Approval Steps

Mortgage brokers assist in navigating the paperwork, ensuring forms are completed accurately and on time, leading to a smoother, more efficient loan approval process.Read Less

Give Yourself A Head Start

At Unconditional Finance, we understand the challenges faced by the first home buyers in the competitive Sydney property market. With elevating real estate values it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But we’re here to help you navigate through it all.

Partnering with us means gaining access to expert advice tailored to first home buyers. We’ll simplify the process, connecting you with experienced professionals who specialise in first home buyer loans and grants. Together, we’ll craft a solid strategy to turn your homeownership dreams into reality, ensuring you’re well-prepared for success.





Why us? We Do It All & Do It Well

An added perk, we furnish our esteemed clients with an exhaustive property report curated by Corelogic RP Data, Australia’s leading property data provider. In addition, our associated legal professionals will provide a complimentary review of your initial contract of sale and the section 32 document!

Peace Of Mind, Clarity & Smooth Process

With Our Personalised Education & Mentoring

You, as a first home buyer in Sydney, deserve to know what you are putting into your deposit, and how you can steadily pay off your mortgage over time. We guide you through every single step of the process to make things as easy and simple as possible for you by removing all unnecessary confusion and complexity.

More Wealth For Better Options & Better Lifestyle

More Wealth For Better Options & Better Lifestyle​

Using Our Debt Reduction & Wealth Acceleration Techniques

There are three ways to guarantee a smooth home-buying process and maximise your wealth: working with a mortgage broker for first home buyers who will save you time, diminish your debts and risk quickly, and steer clear of costly mistakes.

More Time Doing What You Love

Thanks To Our Hands-Off Customer Service

Our superior customer service will make everything simple for you – no complex documents, giant stacks of paperwork, or lack of time to review your documents, including first-home buyer deposit requirements. Whether you’re checking up on your wealth-building investments or paying off your cherished home, our process is easy and effective.

First Home Buyer Grants Sydney

Are you aware of the backing available from both the federal and state government when you’re on the journey to purchase your first home? Gaining a clear understanding of which grants and incentives you’re entitled to is a crucial step you should take before embarking on your home ownership adventure. If you’re considering financing options, consulting with a refinancing mortgage broker can provide valuable insights tailored to your specific needs.

First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)

This one-off payment is only available if you buy a newly built home or if you build a brand-new home from scratch. The property can be a house, townhouse, apartment or unit – but it must be valued at $750,000 or less, and it must be new (never previously sold or occupied). The first homeowner’s grant is worth $10,000 for homes in Sydney and $20,000 for homes in regional Victoria.

Stamp Duty Exemption or Concession

This one-off home buyer duty exemption applies to homes valued at $600,000 or less (which is a massive saving of around $30,000). For homes valued between $600,001 and $750,000, a stamp duty concession applies instead (which is a discount on the land transfer duty you pay). To be eligible, the home must be a principal place of residence (PPR).

First Home Buyer Guarantee Scheme

Also known as the Pilot Shared Equity Scheme, the FHBG is designed for first-home buyers in Sydney buying an existing home (providing it’s a residential property). It allows buyers to secure a loan with as little as a 5% deposit without needing to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). What is this means to you? You save approximatley stagerring $20,000 in LMI.

To be eligible, singles must have an annual income of $125,000 or less, while couples must have a combined household income of $200,000 or less. For FHBG scheme, applications lodged from 1/07/2023, the annual income assessment is based on the financial year 2021-2022.

I’m a permanent resident, Am I eligible for FHBG scheme?

Yes, you will beeligble for the sheme. What a lucky duck you’re! Formally the scheme was only eligible for Australian citizens. However, from 01/07/2023, the scheme is open for Australian permanent residence too.

Off-the-Plan Concession

If you’re buying an off-the-plan land and building package, you may be entitled to a concession on stamp duty. Buyers will only pay duty on the value of the property and construction at the time of the contract date. As construction generally won’t have started or been completed when a contract is entered into, buyers won’t have to pay as much in stamp duty.

Other eligibility criteria apply, such as being a permanent resident of Australia. To view all criteria and apply, visit the State Revenue Office website.

There are a couple of other schemes available, please contact us for more information.

The team at Unconditional Finance, your reliable Sydney’s mortgage broker, can provide more information on each of the grants, exemptions, and concessions outlined above, as well as discuss the eligibility criteria in further detail. We can also help you to apply for all of the schemes that you are eligible for, ensuring that your savings are maximized during your first home purchase.

Ready To Buy Your First Home? Congratulations!

Unconditional Finance Is Here To Walk You Through The Process.

First Home Buyer Checklist

Considering the step towards homeownership in Sydney within the upcoming three months? Our indispensable checklist is tailored just for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that buyers have a deposit of at least 20%, as this will mean you won’t have to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). First home buyers in Sydney with a deposit of only 5%, you may be eligible for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Yes, in some circumstances first home buyers can access their super to purchase a home. This is known as the First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme. It allows you to contribute up to $15,000 each financial year that can later be withdrawn as your deposit (up to a maximum of $50,000). Please contact us for more information on this scheme.

If one partner has previously owned or bought property in Australia and lived in it, it may have an impact on your first-time buyer status when you make a joint application for a mortgage. If they did not live in the property as their primary residence, you may still be eligible for the first home buyers grant in Sydney. Please contact us for more information.

Yes you do! However, under the Stamp Duty Exemption, first home buyers in Sydney currently do not pay stamp duty providing their property is valued at $600,000 or less. Buyers who have purchased properties valued between $600,001 and $750,000 may be eligible for a stamp duty concession.

In order to avoid LMI, you need a deposit of at least 20%. Or did you know some professional do not pay LMI? Want to find out whether your profession is qualified, pelase contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

An investment loan is a type of loan designed for purchasing investment properties, generating income or appreciating in value.

Investment loans are intended for income-generating properties and come with stricter criteria and higher interest rates compared to home loans.

Investment loans offer income generation, tax efficiency, and equity building, contributing to long-term wealth.

Mortgage brokers find tailored loan options, negotiate better terms, and simplify the application process, saving you time and money.

Consider interest rates, loan terms, fees, flexibility, and lender reputation when choosing an investment loan.

Yes, you can refinance to access the equity in your home, providing funds for new investments.

Risks include market fluctuations, higher interest rates, vacancy periods, and maintenance costs.

Choose the right property, manage finances wisely, stay informed, and work with professionals to maximise the benefits of an investment loan.

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Ready To Invest? Congratulations!

Unconditional Finance Is Here To Walk You Through The Process.

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