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Our Top Tips For Planning Your Wedding

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Couples planning their weddings for 2021/2022 are in for a lesson in adaptability, with restrictions on gatherings, travel bans and other health considerations. There will be some calls to make and difficult decisions in the coming months as the nation watches the pandemic continue to unfold. There are a lot of emotions involved in planning a wedding, but the most important one is love – whatever your big day ends up looking like!

Here are some things to consider to help your nuptials go as planned, or as close to as possible!

State-by-State Restrictions

Each state will work through the roadmap of lifting restrictions at different times, depending on their progress. Make sure you check in with what the plans are in your state to see whether you might need to downsize or postpone your chosen date. If you haven’t started planning yet, but are keen to start soon, consider whether you’d be satisfied with a wedding that falls under current restrictions or whether you’re hoping for a bigger affair. This will guide you in setting a date that’s reasonable.

The Guest List

If your wedding is close and you were planning on having more than a few guests, it might be time to start considering other options. Some couples are opting to have a small ceremony on their original date, and then celebrating their reception with all their guests at a later date. If your wedding is a little further afield and you’re hoping restrictions on gatherings will be more relaxed, don’t forget to consider where your guests are coming from and have a back-up plan like live streaming the wedding, postponing or opting for an intimate affair. If your guests are coming from other states, consider what you might do if borders are still closed. Same goes for allowing an even longer period for the return of international travel. Set a date that you plan to make a final decision by and keep the lines of communication open. Try your best to be open minded and have honest discussions with your partner and close family and friends.


Start talking to your vendors now! This is their area of expertise and they’ll be able to guide you through different options and what they might be able to offer you. Considering everyone is in the same boat, they’re likely to be more flexible but they’ll need notice in case they can rebook your date. If you’re planning on having a smaller wedding sooner, there are some great special packages out there that keep to gathering restrictions and are a discounted price! Those savings could go towards a big celebration later, or a lavish honeymoon once travel restrictions are lifted!


The budget is arguably the most boring but most important part of wedding planning. No matter what you have in mind, having a budget guide before you start is crucial, as little bits and pieces will crop up everywhere and if you’re unprepared, extra thousands you hadn’t planned for can really stack up! If you’re in the position where you’re wanting to postpone your event, you may also be looking at extra fees to change dates, loss of deposits or different rates (venues particularly often change their prices yearly). Before you get worked up, take a deep breath and remember that planning is key.

If your wedding budget needs a little bit of a top-up or you’re facing unexpected expenses, a personal loan can be a stress-free way to access the funds you need now, with a set plan to pay it off so you can work it into your everyday finances after your big day.

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